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ADD / ADHD (Another Digital Device / Adults Don’t Have Discipline)

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - May• 18•10


(Another Digital Device / Adults Don’t Have Discipline)

 Yes you read correctly, that is what I said, Adults Don’t have Discipline.  As a   Metaphysical Practitioner I see many parents who are concerned about their children or themselves as regards this “New Age” label of ADD / ADHD,

 So I decided to observe some children and their parents, who I might add are also sometime adults behaving like children, and see what the big fuss was.

The diagnoses of this new age “illness” has seemed to reach epidemic proportions, and it has become a personal concern as most children seem to be diagnosed with this label leading to the disempowerment of themselves and everyone involved.  It has become an excuse for poor behavior, under achieving at school, inability to focus etc.  On an emotional level feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem seem to be the order of the day with all the people I have treated adult and child alike.  Comments like “ He or she has ADD that is why they are like that” is more popular than the word Mom and Dad. 

The fact that there are a few children without ADD and ADHD means that its not everyone that has it, so clearly it can be corrected by lifestyle changes.  Before I get smacked on the head by the Medical Profession let me take my foot out my mouth and say that it is not that I do not believe that a condition such as ADD exists, and in some cases will require medication.  However last time I was politely informed that only Psychiatrists are qualified to diagnose ADD and ADHD.  

So if that is so I have to question why teachers are diagnosing and GP’s are diagnosing, hell parents are now diagnosing their own children with ADD.  The diagnosis also always ends up with some expensive drug being administrated to the person in order to put them into a semi- zombie state that eats you out of house and home or does not eat at all.    

All this leads to stress and frustration and emotional trauma for mom, dad and child, and then I get the call “ Please can you help and see what you can do”  I need to make it clear I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR or PSYCOLOGIST, I have studied alternative complimentary therapy also known as “Energy Work” this is still pooh-poohed by some in the medical field, even thought it has positive results.  So I am not telling you or asking you to stop you or your childs medication, I am asking you to open your mind a little , yes you can do it , just a little bit.  Start asking some questions, work with your Dr to find alternatives to zombie meds and think about the following : 

When a child is born from the moment their little eyes blink, and their ears take in the first sound they are learning, learning from you and I, learning about behavior, learning about language and how to speak etc.

So be honest and ask yourself   (also think about those that the child comes into contact with everyday ie aftercare, day mom etc)

  • Am I blaming the school, teacher, location, area etc for the lack discipline and routine at home ?
  • What poor behavioral characteristics am I or members of my home teaching the child ?
  • How does my tone of voice affect those around me, am I loud, do I often shout and speak inappropriately ?
  • Do I show lack of responsibility? by breaking promises ?
  • Do I often have to look for things that are misplaced ?
  • Am I organized or is it a mad rush to get to work in the morning ?
  • Do I forget to attend functions or to do things timeously ?
  • Am I able to focus on one task and see it to completion or am I fragmented in my thoughts and processes ?
  • Does everything in the house car etc have a place or does it not matter ?  (are things tidy or chaotic)
  • Am I able to be quiet for a moment and just enjoy that moment ?
  • Do I speak over others or interrupt others including my child when communicating with others ?
  • Am I able to sit and relax in the park or the couch etc WITHOUT the tv or the playstation, cellphone, Ipod etc ?
  • Do I set clear boundaries about work time and home time ? 
  • (Sometimes difficult, but its important for home businesses especially there needs to be a standard cut off time)
  • Do I offer fair discipline, or is there a bribe factor ?  (not necessarily hidings but if the behavior was poor is there an appropriate form of punishment  or is there a bribe ie if you keep quiet while I am on the phone I will give you a chocolate)
  • Does my no mean no and my yes mean yes ?  or do I begin negotiating after enough moaning.
  • Am I in constant contact with the office or people, via SMS, MMS, MSN, Email ?
  • Am I impatient, with my child or others ?


Please do not beat yourself up about the fact that you probably answered no to most of the questions, most people do when I first do the assessment, but that is the idea, if you are really wanting to help you will be honest with yourself and be prepared to look at life style choice to help give your fledgling a good chance

I think by now you have realized that us as adults need to take responsibility for the behavior of the child if we are not showing any other example, how can they learn anything other than what they are exposed to, ”do as I say and not as I do“ does not cut it with the modern child.  Those questions definitely make you think how I am contributing to the behavior of the children I come into contact with.  So that covers the Adults Don’t Have Discipline that I mentioned in the beginning.  Now what about Another Digital Device ? 

We have become the instant gratification humanity, the artist Queen was definitely a pioneer of the times with the song that states “ I want it all, and I want it now.”  The digital dawn is beating us into submission, SMS, MMS, E-mail, WWW, IPod, Play Station, Television, DVD, DSTV, Computers, LAN Parties, MIXIT, MIG33, IChat, Cellphones and now Iphones.  The digital dawn has brought with it, its own problems, destroying the creative minds of the children, creating little zombies, that are over stimulated is so much stimulation from the outside world that its nearly impossible to slow things down.  It takes a concerted effort and at the end of the day our lifestyles don’t allow for it.  But you have to make the effort, its your child’s well being that is at stake, and your sanity.

 Digital devices all operate and emit different frequencies and you or you child pick up on those frequencies and the more sensitive child with ADD/ADHD will be effected as they are stimulated immediately.  Can this be changed yes it can, its all about learning for both parents and children alike, learning new ways to relax, new ways to relate, and new ways to adjust to stimuli in the environment.

Last but not least is diet, and that goes for all of us not just people with ADD/ADHD

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