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Divine Wellness Launches Free e-Training for Personal Growth

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Jan• 18•12

Does life keep throwing you curve balls ?  Do you feel that you have no control over whats happening in your life ? Do you see the same patterns occurring over and over again ?

Are you stuck ?

If you are not making progress in your life, or you just looking for change and are clueless how to start, it could mean that you are submitting to the barriers to personal growth and development. What are these personal barriers? Where do these barriers they come from ?

Fortunately for you, we have put together an amazing FREE (no catches) personal growth training course.  Week by week you will be e-mailed with lessons and information that will guide you through the next level of personal growth.

We will be there to hold your had every step of the way, our Metaphysical Counsellor, Daryn Wickham will answer your queries and mark your homework personally !  You will also have Skype access to him to chat about personal issues that have come up for you.

We would like you to do this with a buddy or a few buddies, if you can so share this article with people you think would benefit from this course and get them to sign up too.  This way you can have personal chats with each other also to see how everyone is doing.

To signup got to http://www.divinewellness.co.za/members/ and click register.

Choose a username and a password for yourself so that you have access to the free training. We will be in contact shortly, and are looking forward to this journey with you.



Are You Thriving or Just Surviving 2012 ?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Apr• 13•12

Ok so just to keep us all on the ball, lets cast our minds back to December 31st 2011.  That’s right remember those personal resolutions or goals you set for 2012 ?  I thought you might, now lets throw in a time check.  We are in mid APRIL (how?) and so if you are serious about thriving in 2012, and not just  surviving, its time to see how far you are with your goals and resolutions as a third of 2012 is now hurtling towards the finish line.

So now that we have a better perspective, and a time check, you like most of us  may be realising that we may not be where we want to be.  YET !   

This is what we may call the window of opportunity, the time when we get to review, and make course corrections.

Some questions you may want to ask yourself is, what is preventing me from achieving my goals ?  What has caused detours on my path ?

The answer you are going to come to over and over and over is always someone or something else that has thrown you a curve ball.  If you have embraced the journey of personal growth you may even accept the fact that you are responsible for the delays.

Now that’s all deep and philosophical, how are you going to get back on track and stay motivated to make 2012 your best year yet.

What if I let you in on a little mmmm, shortcut ?  What if I told you; that you might be surprised to discover, that you have been sub-consciously programmed through various mediums, for failure instead of success ?  Part of the journey of personal growth is to uncover aspects of self sabotage that we all do and make changes.

Without going into too much detail lets pretend for a moment you are a computer, and your subconscious is the Windows operating system.  Every time you try and do something on the computer, Windows crashes and you have to reboot.  Now its not something you are doing, but its still happening, and why ? who knows? there could be a software glitch.  So back to us as human now, what if your “software” is rebooting just as you start to get things lined up to achieve your goals.  That’s correct you would never get to where you want to be.

Today I am going to give you the answer to sort this out once and for all, so that you are set up for success and that you can motivate change anytime you wish.  The answer is self-hypnosis also known as auto hypnosis.

Forget what you have heard about hypnosis and seen on the flat screen, this tool is taught to every successful person out there from top sports people to top actors.  They know the secret; who can better motivate you than when that motivation comes from deep within you.  Like when you are passionate about something, its done with ease.

Self hypnosis is a great tool to get to discover why your “windows” is preventing you from being the best you can be, and then you can go and fix “windows” yourself so that you can achieve your goals easily and naturally.  No Mess No Fuss.

Oh I just remembered, it also helps manage your stress and may bring some work life balance.  Just cos that’s how we roll when we are successful.

So there is a course offered by the South African Institute of Hypnotism called Self -Mastery through Auto Hypnosis.  Now personally the name self-mastery does not do it for me, I imagine “self-mastery courses” making me into Mr Miyagi from the Karate Kid.

This course should be called Secrets of Success or Super Success your Life,  I don’t know but the point is it is without a doubt the best thing you could do for yourself this year !  This institute has been going since leg warmers were in fashion, they know what they are doing.

So just book already they offer courses in Johannesburg and Cape Town, so if you are serious about thriving in 2012 and want to be successful.  Go book your seat at www.hypnotherapy.co.za or go to the Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/SAHypno

Feeling Fragmented or Lost ?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Feb• 22•12

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed ? Like a hamster on a wheel ?  Do you sometimes feel that you do not have enough hours in the day to deal with all the things you need to ?

Are your thoughts scattered, and you are not able to focus and complete the tasks you set out to do ?  Do you wonder about what your life purpose is and when things are going to change and be different.

Do you feel lost or stuck ?

If you answered yes to anyone of these questions, chances are you are stressed and your energetic field is fragmented.  When this happens we lose sense of the world around us, are often snappy and moody.  Our sleeping patterns can be erratic, and we may gain or lose weight.

These are all tell tale signs that your external energetic field has taken a hammering and before you end up ill or exhausted you NEED to ACT NOW and get yourself RE-INTEGRATED.

Re-Integration therapy is a 2 hour session where you relax while the practitioner puts your energetic field back into proportion and balances and corrects your meridians and axiatonal lines  Your energy field gets cleared of cosmic muck, which accumulates from work, pollution, and our environment.

This is an amazing treatment, and helps relax and revitalise your body while putting you into a perfect state to rest and recover.

To Book For a Body Integration Session email daryn@isg.org.za its the best you could do for you !

Spirituality 101 Group Meetings

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Feb• 22•12

So everyone is talking enlightenment, meditation, energy, chakras, and you want to know more but are to embarrassed or scared to ask. Well then this is for you, weekly classes held in Durbanville in the evenings once a week. Here you get to meet like minded people and learn at the same time, with all the benefits of a Metaphysical Practitioner and Counsellor so that you have the support you need during this journey, and you get to expand your friendship circle. (plus we eat nice goodies and chat).

Begin your journey learning at your own pace meetings are held in the evenings for 2 hours once a week. The cost per month is R 150 per person and is payable in advance.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 10 awesome individuals.  If there is more we will just add another class on another evening.


  • Meet new people
  • Personal Development
  • Learn skills to manage yourself and your life better
  • Get intimate knowledge of many healing modalities that would normally cost you the earth
  • Discount on other courses
  • Discount on various treatments
  • Nice food and good fun

Book Now !

Send an email to daryn@isg.org.za,

Please include your name, surname and date of birth.

(PSST ! If you refer a friend to join let me know, as you will get a little something special at our first meeting)

Are you ready to create your own reality and change your life today?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Jul• 06•11

Are you tired of struggling through life ? Have you had enough of responsibility and having to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life ? Does everything feel like an uphill battle and when you take two steps forward you automatically take one step back ?  Well you are not alone.

So you have watched The Secret and all the other esoteric movies, you have gone for healing, you have done workshop after workshop.  You have played with your inner child till you turned blue, you have done the forgiveness work for every person who has ever crossed your path.  Yet for some reason your life is still not going according to plan, and you are still struggling and life is still an uphill battle.

Chances are you were not really ready for change, humans by nature fear change.   So you were thinking positive for a while yet at the same time reminding yourself of how bad things are.  This sounds familiar hey ?  The problem is that some of the courses and training we do today, require you to be a spiritual superhero with no job no food no responsibilities and definitely no money.  This kind of conditioning and programming is part of the reason why we never get it right, cos its just too difficult, we all have realities and responsibilities that we have to deal with.

So how about some practical REAL-LIFE tools that you can use to help you transform from the inside out.  Tools that you can use on a daily basis to help you, without requiring 10 hours of meditation and 5 rituals a day before going to bed.

I know what you are thinking YES YES YES introducing a fantastically life changing, easy to use, workshop that leaves you feeling warm fuzzy am empowered to change your life one step at a time.  This course has been designed by me due to the huge number of requests from clients, with proven results every time.

Combining the various metaphysical therapies I have studied over the years and taking the best from each one, I have been able to develop a training program that wont cost you a limb, and it can be used for the rest of your life.  The course is divided into 3 levels and done over 3 separate workshops so that you don’t get bored of me and have information overload.  I have also discovered that a 21 day break between courses allows you to assimilate and integrate the information better, so it becomes a real skill.

They are as follows:

  • 1-2-3 My Life My Reality™ (Personal Tools for Growth and Transformation)
  • 1-2-3 Me and My Relationships™ (Tools For Manifesting Good Functional and Loving Relationships)
  • 1-2-3 My World My Purpose™ (Tools For Creating A Purposeful Life With Meaning and Joy)
  • 1-2-3 My Enlightenment™ (A Review Evening Where We Discuss Our Transformation and Re-Evaluate Goals)

The fourth course is more of an evening of laughter and tears where we re-evaluate where we have come from and how the process has changed us and what we have learned, its like a big thanks giving feast and we have lots of fun.  As mentioned before there needs to be at least a 21 day break between the courses to enable you to use the skills and build on them.  The training needs to be completed in the listed order, so that tools are expanded and integrated properly, you have to crawl before you walk.

I will give you a sneak preview of each course, just to wet your appetite for change, but otherwise feel free to attend one of my intro talks which are advertised in various places.  Everyone walks away learning something from each of my intro talks.

1-2-3 My Life My Reality™

What Will I Learn ?

  • How Set Goals and Achieve Them Easily,
  • To work with you Intuition and use it properly everyday.
  • Learn how your body talks to you all the time about what is happening in your life.
  • Find out what your real core beliefs are and what you have learned from others.
  • Figure out what it is you really want for your life.
  • Who or What is holding you back from your true potential
  • Learn to visualize properly
  • Learn to Meditate like a Guru
  • Check on your inner child and see what is happing in the playground
  • Connecting to your future potentials
  • Learn how to communicate again using me, myself and I
  • Embracing the New You

Twin Heart Meditation

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Jun• 01•10


Exercise for a few minutes before you start to meditate. This is necessary to condition your physical and energy body and to enable it to receive and absorb the high energy that will flow into you during meditation.


You may now sit comfortably either on the floor in a lotus (Padmasana) or semi-lotus position or on a chair. If you are sitting on a chair, sit erect without leaning on its back. Assume a receptive pose, your spine erect and palms turned upwards, resting on your lap. Close your eyes. Raise your tongue to touch the palate. This is to facilitate the circulation of energy in the body. Keep your tongue touching the palate throughout the meditation. Take a few deep and slow relaxing breaths. Inhale slowly; exhale slowly. Do this a few times rhythmically. Still your mind.

Now make a simple invocation for divine blessings and protection on these lines (you may choose your own words and language depending on your faith):

Lord God, the Universal Supreme Being,
Divine Father, Divine Mother,
I humbly invoke your divine blessings
for light, love, guidance, help, illumination, power and protection.
With thanks and in full faith. So be it and so it is.


Continue to breathe deeply and allow your body to relax. Let this relaxation flow from the top of your head down to your forehead and to your eyes, to your nose, to your cheeks and to your whole face. Let it flow down the neck and shoulders and arms, chest, abdomen, down to your back, to the end of your spine, to your thighs, knees, legs and feet. You should now be completely relaxed. Inhale fresh vitalizing energy; exhale diseased and used-up energy.

• Inhale good health; exhale all the pains and discomforts.
• Inhale relaxing and comforting energy; exhale stress, tension and fatigue.
• Inhale love and peace; exhale your hatred and resentments away. Inhale calmness and confidence; exhale your fears and worries.
• Inhale happiness; exhale your sadness and depression.
• Inhale kindness; exhale irritability and anger away.
• Inhale positive and creative thoughts; exhale negative and harmful thoughts.
• Inhale positive and good emotions; exhale negative and harmful emotions.


This time you are going into a series of inner reflections. Think of the virtue of harmlessness and kindness. Examine yourself if you have hurt somebody physically. Also think if you have given pain to somebody through your speech and emotional reactions. Are you constantly harboring negative or injurious thoughts towards other people? If you are, then mentally ask for forgiveness from all those whom you have hurt or are still hurting.

Resolve that this day you are going to practice kindness towards all people in your thoughts, speech and action. As a part of this resolution.

• Visualize yourself forgiving those who may have hurt you. Bless them with the good things in life.
• Visualize yourself also being forgiven by those whom you may have hurt. Experience the feeling of being forgiven.
• Now examine if you have taken things, which are not yours, whether tangible or intangible. Have you taken somebody’s reputation, credits, glory or ideas for your selfish ends? Have you taken an affection, which is due to another person?
• If you have, then mentally ask for forgiveness and resolve that you will not take things, which are not yours. Also resolve that you shall be generous and shall offer your help when necessary.
• Ask yourself if you have been misleading or deceiving people in your speech and actions. Are you deliberately telling lies? Or pretending to be other than what you really are? Are you withholding the truth from other people for your own selfish ends?
• Resolve that this day you shall be true to yourself and to other people in your speech and actions. As part of this practice of truthfulness, now examine the secrets in your life, which have been giving you a feeling of guilt.
• Free yourself by mentally telling the person concerned and ask for forgiveness. Experience the peace that comes from being true to yourself and to other people.
• You are now ready to bless the earth and the whole of humanity with your love and kindness.


To activate your heart energy center, press the center of your chest and concentrate on it for a few seconds. Now recall the most pleasant feeling that you have ever experienced in your entire life. For example, a feeling of love, of kindness, peace and joy. You may have felt this when you have given yourself in service to others, or shared yourself with your friends, or when you felt close to God or, May be, when you fell in love.

You are now going to share this feeling of kindness with the entire planet earth.

Visualize in front of your chest a small planet earth, as small as a ball one inch in diameter. Imagine the pinkish light from the heart energy center going to the earth and enveloping it with love and kindness. Smile at this planet earth and mentally say this prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi:

Lord make me an instrument of Thy peace
From the heart energy center, bless the earth with divine peace
Where there is hatred, let me sow love
Visualize the pinkish energy of love from your heart energy center enveloping the earth
Where there is injury, pardon
Bless all people on earth with forgiveness
Where there is doubt, faith, Where there is despair, hope
Bless all the needy people on earth with a new hope for a better world
Where there is darkness, light
Bless the earth with light
Where there is sadness, you
Bless the earth with great joy and visualize the people you meet every day smiling and being filled with great joy
O Divine Master, rather than I may not seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood, as to understand; and to be loved as to love, For it is in giving that we receive, It is in pardoning that we are pardoned, And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life.


This time, touch your crown energy center and activate it by concentrating on it and by recalling your aspiration to share your life in service, to be on good terms with other people, to be of help to the needy and to see universal brotherhood on earth.

Now visualize a brilliant white light from the crown energy center at the top of your head, going to the planet earth and enveloping it with divine love and kindness.

From the center of the heart of God
Let the entire planet earth be blessed with love and kindness
Let the entire planet earth be blessed
with great joy and divine peace
Let the entire planet earth be blessed
with understanding, harmony, and goodwill
And the willingness to do good
So be it

Continue to bless the earth with brilliant white light from your crown energy center and continue to smile with a feeling of kindness towards the earth.


Now visualize a flame of light on the top of your head and mentally chant and mantra, Om, and concentrate on the gaps of silence between the Oms, maintaining the flame of light in your imagination.


After a few minutes of chanting Om, slowly come back to your normal waking consciousness, keeping the eyes closed. Slowly move your fingers, raise your hands at chest level, almost facing each other, about six inches apart to release the excess energy, blessing with light and power. Visualize again a small planet earth in front of you.

Bless the earth with peace, abundance and spirituality. Bless your country with peace, abundance and spirituality. Bless those people who support you, your family and loved ones and your home with harmony, good health, abundance and spirituality. You can continue to bless, releasing the excess energy, until you feel your body has returned to its normal condition.


End the meditation with a prayer of thanks on these lines:

Oh Divine Father
Thank you for your divine blessings
Thank you for your protection, guidance, help and illumination
In full faith, so be it

You can now open your eyes with a smile, massage your face and your head, tap your liver a few times and your kidneys also. This is to avoid the accumulation of energy in these parts. Also massage your arms, hands, things, legs and other parts of your body.

ADD / ADHD (Another Digital Device / Adults Don’t Have Discipline)

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - May• 18•10


(Another Digital Device / Adults Don’t Have Discipline)

 Yes you read correctly, that is what I said, Adults Don’t have Discipline.  As a   Metaphysical Practitioner I see many parents who are concerned about their children or themselves as regards this “New Age” label of ADD / ADHD,

 So I decided to observe some children and their parents, who I might add are also sometime adults behaving like children, and see what the big fuss was.

The diagnoses of this new age “illness” has seemed to reach epidemic proportions, and it has become a personal concern as most children seem to be diagnosed with this label leading to the disempowerment of themselves and everyone involved.  It has become an excuse for poor behavior, under achieving at school, inability to focus etc.  On an emotional level feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem seem to be the order of the day with all the people I have treated adult and child alike.  Comments like “ He or she has ADD that is why they are like that” is more popular than the word Mom and Dad. 

The fact that there are a few children without ADD and ADHD means that its not everyone that has it, so clearly it can be corrected by lifestyle changes.  Before I get smacked on the head by the Medical Profession let me take my foot out my mouth and say that it is not that I do not believe that a condition such as ADD exists, and in some cases will require medication.  However last time I was politely informed that only Psychiatrists are qualified to diagnose ADD and ADHD.  

So if that is so I have to question why teachers are diagnosing and GP’s are diagnosing, hell parents are now diagnosing their own children with ADD.  The diagnosis also always ends up with some expensive drug being administrated to the person in order to put them into a semi- zombie state that eats you out of house and home or does not eat at all.    

All this leads to stress and frustration and emotional trauma for mom, dad and child, and then I get the call “ Please can you help and see what you can do”  I need to make it clear I AM NOT A MEDICAL DOCTOR or PSYCOLOGIST, I have studied alternative complimentary therapy also known as “Energy Work” this is still pooh-poohed by some in the medical field, even thought it has positive results.  So I am not telling you or asking you to stop you or your childs medication, I am asking you to open your mind a little , yes you can do it , just a little bit.  Start asking some questions, work with your Dr to find alternatives to zombie meds and think about the following : 

When a child is born from the moment their little eyes blink, and their ears take in the first sound they are learning, learning from you and I, learning about behavior, learning about language and how to speak etc.

So be honest and ask yourself   (also think about those that the child comes into contact with everyday ie aftercare, day mom etc)

  • Am I blaming the school, teacher, location, area etc for the lack discipline and routine at home ?
  • What poor behavioral characteristics am I or members of my home teaching the child ?
  • How does my tone of voice affect those around me, am I loud, do I often shout and speak inappropriately ?
  • Do I show lack of responsibility? by breaking promises ?
  • Do I often have to look for things that are misplaced ?
  • Am I organized or is it a mad rush to get to work in the morning ?
  • Do I forget to attend functions or to do things timeously ?
  • Am I able to focus on one task and see it to completion or am I fragmented in my thoughts and processes ?
  • Does everything in the house car etc have a place or does it not matter ?  (are things tidy or chaotic)
  • Am I able to be quiet for a moment and just enjoy that moment ?
  • Do I speak over others or interrupt others including my child when communicating with others ?
  • Am I able to sit and relax in the park or the couch etc WITHOUT the tv or the playstation, cellphone, Ipod etc ?
  • Do I set clear boundaries about work time and home time ? 
  • (Sometimes difficult, but its important for home businesses especially there needs to be a standard cut off time)
  • Do I offer fair discipline, or is there a bribe factor ?  (not necessarily hidings but if the behavior was poor is there an appropriate form of punishment  or is there a bribe ie if you keep quiet while I am on the phone I will give you a chocolate)
  • Does my no mean no and my yes mean yes ?  or do I begin negotiating after enough moaning.
  • Am I in constant contact with the office or people, via SMS, MMS, MSN, Email ?
  • Am I impatient, with my child or others ?


Please do not beat yourself up about the fact that you probably answered no to most of the questions, most people do when I first do the assessment, but that is the idea, if you are really wanting to help you will be honest with yourself and be prepared to look at life style choice to help give your fledgling a good chance

I think by now you have realized that us as adults need to take responsibility for the behavior of the child if we are not showing any other example, how can they learn anything other than what they are exposed to, ”do as I say and not as I do“ does not cut it with the modern child.  Those questions definitely make you think how I am contributing to the behavior of the children I come into contact with.  So that covers the Adults Don’t Have Discipline that I mentioned in the beginning.  Now what about Another Digital Device ? 

We have become the instant gratification humanity, the artist Queen was definitely a pioneer of the times with the song that states “ I want it all, and I want it now.”  The digital dawn is beating us into submission, SMS, MMS, E-mail, WWW, IPod, Play Station, Television, DVD, DSTV, Computers, LAN Parties, MIXIT, MIG33, IChat, Cellphones and now Iphones.  The digital dawn has brought with it, its own problems, destroying the creative minds of the children, creating little zombies, that are over stimulated is so much stimulation from the outside world that its nearly impossible to slow things down.  It takes a concerted effort and at the end of the day our lifestyles don’t allow for it.  But you have to make the effort, its your child’s well being that is at stake, and your sanity.

 Digital devices all operate and emit different frequencies and you or you child pick up on those frequencies and the more sensitive child with ADD/ADHD will be effected as they are stimulated immediately.  Can this be changed yes it can, its all about learning for both parents and children alike, learning new ways to relax, new ways to relate, and new ways to adjust to stimuli in the environment.

Last but not least is diet, and that goes for all of us not just people with ADD/ADHD

Do you have the courage to be inspired?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - May• 18•10

Have you ever had an idea that you thought was brilliant? But never took action ‘cos someone said it would not work. Only to discover someone else had the same idea, ran with it and now is able to take holidays to the moon for fun. Does this sound like you? Somewhere in the deep recesses of your own mind do you regret not following through? Well you are not the only one, so why do we do this to ourselves?

The truth is that we did not have the courage to follow our heart, our passion. “Courage,” you may ask? “I do not need courage to have ideas.”

The truth of the matter is that there are 3 things that we need in order to follow through with an idea to become a reality. The 3 things needed are, a thought, inspiration and motivation.  We have hundreds and thousands of thoughts everyday, some convert to ideas, others are strewn into the ether to be forgotten. From that idea that we did not throw away, we become aware of things that are need to go forth and create, this is inspiration at work. Our minds begin weaving a tapestry of options that could transform our idea into something worthwhile and spectacular.

It is at this point we become passionate about our idea and excited about the boundless potential, our cup overfloweth with information, specifications and direction.

We eat, sleep, think and dream our idea, we become one with this tapestry that is being spun on the loom of our own mind. Our sense of self becomes invigorated and we feel that all is well, it is at this point and ALWAYS at this point, we as humans have the need to voice our idea to a fellow colleague, friend, parent, sibling or partner.

We find the right moment, the right time, and start the conversation with, ” I have been thinking, and have come up with this idea, that I would like to share with you” and you begin explaining the elaborate idea and how it has manifested into a almost certain reality. We go to great depths to explain, draw and show every facet of our idea, the inspiration and energy flows through us as we weave the golden threads of creativity.

There is a pause and the end as you ask the question “so what do you think ?” and sure enough the chosen sounding board beings to rip every thread of your inspired idea, from the loom tossing it to the ground like a rag. You blink, swallow and in the recesses of your mind you extinguish the final ember of inspiration, as you do so your self-esteem and passion is extinguished.

And there we have the process of our inspired thought – flatlined. So I ask you again, Do you have the courage to be inspired? The process is a given, when we begin there is no stopping us, the question is why do we feel the necessity at the final stage to take all the personal power we have mustered, and hand it over to someone else to do with as they see fit.

We do this out of fear, fear of what people may say, what they may think. Self-sabotaging thoughts kick in like “what if I fail, what will people say ?” So we ask for confirmation from an outsider who has no concept of what you have created in your minds eye. And so it is unfortunately at this point our inspired idea and self esteem, slips slowly into the ether to be forgotten forever.

The only way to fix this is to change our way of thinking, during the passion and vitality stage of our idea, it is important that we write down how we are feeling about our idea, why it came about? Where are we heading with this inspiration and what we would like to achieve? What is keeping you motivated? Once you have answered these questions it is the next step that is the most vital, and that is to say to yourself in the mirror.

“I hereby declare to myself that I have the courage to follow this to completion, only I have the whole concept in my minds eye, and even though I may be challenged along the way, I am the only one with the power to discard such great inspiration if I so choose.”

It is only at this time should you share your idea, as you will be standing firmly in your own personal power. You will be the creator. By doing this you will be less likely to give your power away to someone else and allow your idea to die like and ember.

Remember there is no such thing as a failed idea, all ideas are merely prototypes. The Wright brothers never stopped when they fell from the sky trying to fly. You have the courage to be inspired, go forth and weave your golden threads.

Holistic Therapy Fact or Farce?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - May• 18•10

Following an insert from Carte Blanche on meditation in the workplace, many people have contacted me in this regard. We are all living in a stressed society, as a Metaphysical Practitioner many people come to me for exactly this to unwind and de-stress.

So I have made a decision to explain some of these “New Age” techniques in laymens terms, instead of mumbo jumbo.  So everyone is talking crystals, Reiki, energy healing, Feng Shui, karma, past lives, and the word “spiritual” has become as famous as the yo–yo.

Now you are reading this and asking yourself did the “spiritual” bus arrive and I missed it? Or is this a fashion trend that will fade like leg-warmers and bell-bottoms?

Well you are not alone. I thought the same when I was first introduced to all of this “stuff”, and ever since I have been determined to demystify this “stuff” so that everyone can get a better understanding of what this new “spiritual awakening “ is all about.

I am a Metaphysical Practitioner ….don’t run away yet! I, too, work in the corporate jungle, like most of you reading this, and I also have stresses and strains and bills to pay, so what makes me different from you? Absolutely nothing.

I first joined a Reiki class 3 years ago – I was stressed to the hilt, and was running around like the Energizer bunny on 8 cups of coffee a day. I wanted to learn how to relax so that I could enjoy my weekends instead of worrying about what still had to be done on Monday, which client was expecting a delivery, and so forth. It was in this class that I learned all the buzz words, and heard about this whole spiritual awakening. I, too, thought it was a load of hooey, until I began to experience and feel the benefits of it.

So I am going to start with the basics, and explain. Your body has an energy field around it – scientists have proven it and some have even taken photos of it. We will not argue with the scientists as they seem to be doing a good job thus far. We will compare this energy field to an electric fence around your property. Its function is to keep you protected and keep intruders out. If you touch the fence you get a shock and move away. Your energy field does the same – it keeps your good energy in, and bad energy out.

However, should we throw a metal object at the fence, chances are it’s going to blow and require maintenance. So when we are constantly pressurised and dealing with customers and office workers, family, children, interest rate hikes and so on, those emotions and stresses are like metal objects hitting your electric fence. At sometime you are going to need some maintenance.

That’s when we get chronic fatigue, colds and flu, headaches, neck pain, back pain – I am sure you are getting the picture. So we call in the maintenance people in, and they replace the broken parts, fix the problem and tell you to give them a call if you require anything else… and the fence is up and running again. On a human level we go to the doctor, he or she diagnoses the problem and prescribes medication or some physiotherapy, and after a few days we are up and running.

However, neither of these people fixed the problem, only the symptoms. The actual problem is the metal objects, not the fence. The fence is working. We need to deal with stresses and pressures of modern life better, so that our energy field does not become damaged all the time, causing us to get ill. No-one can tell us how to deal with stress as each person is different – they can only give you options like play golf, exercise regularly or attend meditation classes.

So now you have alternative therapies (your options) but there are as many to choose from as people are different. These alternative practitioners are not telling you how to deal with stress. What they are doing is helping your physical body (not just your brain) remember how to relax, so that you can heal yourself as you were designed to do. That is why when we get a headache we want to lie down and sleep. When we get a cold, we produce antibodies to fight the cold. We were designed to heal. We have just physically and mentally forgotten.

How does the practitioner do this “energy healing”?, you may be asking. Well, it’s simple… this is what you have been waiting for… this is what some of the “spiritual” people are hiding from you…

THEY DON’T do the healing – you do it yourself! They just facilitate it, by creating an environment conducive to complete relaxation and healing. They help your body and mind to remember how to relax. And during this deep state of relaxation, where there are no stresses, no cell-phones or email, no-one but you and your awareness, you can fully relax and your body begins to heal instantly. And how do they know how to do that? Like everything else, study, study more study and practice. Yes, you too can do this – I am sorry if that has ruined the delusion of grandeur, but I did say I was going to demystify things!

And does it work? Oh boy, does it work. When your body and brain remembers how to relax properly and regularly, over time the emotions and stresses that you have today will be no longer. You will cope far better, you will feel better. You will begin to enjoy the sweetness of life, and appreciate things like the beauty of the sunset or sunrise, instead of how much traffic there is on the road on your way home.

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