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Feeling Fragmented or Lost ?

Written By: Daryn Wickham - Metaphysical Practitioner - Feb• 22•12

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed ? Like a hamster on a wheel ?  Do you sometimes feel that you do not have enough hours in the day to deal with all the things you need to ?

Are your thoughts scattered, and you are not able to focus and complete the tasks you set out to do ?  Do you wonder about what your life purpose is and when things are going to change and be different.

Do you feel lost or stuck ?

If you answered yes to anyone of these questions, chances are you are stressed and your energetic field is fragmented.  When this happens we lose sense of the world around us, are often snappy and moody.  Our sleeping patterns can be erratic, and we may gain or lose weight.

These are all tell tale signs that your external energetic field has taken a hammering and before you end up ill or exhausted you NEED to ACT NOW and get yourself RE-INTEGRATED.

Re-Integration therapy is a 2 hour session where you relax while the practitioner puts your energetic field back into proportion and balances and corrects your meridians and axiatonal lines  Your energy field gets cleared of cosmic muck, which accumulates from work, pollution, and our environment.

This is an amazing treatment, and helps relax and revitalise your body while putting you into a perfect state to rest and recover.

To Book For a Body Integration Session email daryn@isg.org.za its the best you could do for you !

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